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Guitar booster effect


Guitar  boost effect circuit

Here’s a simple guitar booster effect circuit. Since the ’60’s is used when the demand was bigger and stronger treble boost signal to the amplifier. From this period comes from the famous Dallas Rangemaster effects.


The circuit

The germanium transistors used as OC44 or NTK275. Today, again very popular. This incorporated a lot of guitar effects pedal boost. Now a modern guitar distortion booster effect occurs. This use BC547 transistors and 1N4148 diode circuit is very out easily, with few parts.You replaced the transistor or diode so you can get different sounds. I know I’m transistors slot easily replaced. Value of the components is not critical, feel free to experiment with it. Easily create your own sound boost. Here is the circuit that I use:

Booster effect

Guitar distortion boost effect circuit

It is worth to try a lot of large signal transistors and diodes different than the fast switching diodes 1N914. Germanium diode can be as 1N34A.We all speak differently, Compare different guitar sound effects booster .

Here’s the test circuit, look how easy it is:

Guitar distortion boost effect circuit

Guitar distortion boost effect panel

As shown prepared, it can be combined with other effects so many variations are possible. Daisy chain can create a lot of interesting sounds.

Testing :



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