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Klon Centaur analysis



Given a legendary and unmatched sounding overdrive pedal, the Clon Kentaur. Unfortunately the price is quite high, but the magic is never cheap. There are of course aftermarket pedals and copied, even among reputable manufacturers. Not to speak about what inspired this pedal. But let’s face it, it’s not the same. It is the “magic”.


Klon Centaur – false chinese reproduction

Body and Soul

Well, maybe you cut into it. Let’s start with the most basic buffer area. Not too complicated circuitry built around the TL072 opamp chip.
We experimented with the quality of the components and values. Audibly interesting results.

The buffer circuit

klon buffer

The circuit is not complicated, the preamplifier is used in many places. Test circuit made that we can compare what they are doing in different parts of the sound quality. The selection of high-precision components.


Buffer test circuit

There also has to be said that Gold version used TL072, Silver version uses JRC4558 chip.







Klon CentaurĀ  the soul

We come to the most important part, it gives the familiar sound that occurs in the “magic”. This part is very interesting. Two in the loop to a double potentiometer Gain control what he does. Loop gain, low gain (P1 circle) and the larger (P2 circle) which has been cut in the resulting sound from the D1, D2 diodes, and this signal is fed back to the beginning of the loop. D1, D2 type for 1N34 germanium diodes, curiosity replacing silicon diodes 1n914.



klon soul

Klon Centaur the Soul

Tone circuit

Here’s the tone controls, Treble enhancer circuitry and power amplifier. Use TL072 circuit.

klon tonus

Klon Centaur Tone

Power supply

For experiments simple solution:


Battery pwer supply


This is once again an important part of the circuit is interesting that the pre-amp and distortion 9v work. The 18V turn tone circuit works. two 9V battery can be produced, or a special chip circuit ICL7660 or MC34063.


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Until then:


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