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LM386 Overdrive Effect



LM386 overdrive: easy, cheap, and fast to make. This is known and popular audio amplifier circuit with a fairly simple but good sounding overdrive guitar effect. Neither the operation of the complex.

LM386 Overdrive Guitar Effect

LM386 Based overdrive guitar effect

BS170 mosfet guitar signal to the already worsened. the R8 potentiometer regulates the amount of signal to the 386. If you have more than that the chip can handle, then the signal will be distorted. That is, the overdrive. So it is quite dry and rough sound. And of course it’s good for us. Listen to:



LM386 Overdrive mods

The 2N7000 BS170 instead of perfect. A similar effect can be achieved with transistor preamplifier. You may want to try a different mosfet or 2N2222 transistors as popular, BC109, BC547, etc. The effect sound will be slightly different. Important elements of the D1 and D2 ESD protection diodes, these are not to be missed.

The R11, R12, R13, C8 and R13 potentiometer tone of the section. It is quite a strong tonal control, than to hear the video. Here the value of R13 and C8 parts you may want to change so little different tones. But who does not like it feel free to skip or replace.


How to make?

Video tutorial, part One, preamplifier:


Part second, the LM386 amplifier stage:




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