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H&G Amplification is an manufactory that designs and manufactures music amplifiers, speaker cabinets and boutique guitar effect pedals.

Tube distortion guitar pedal


New real tube distortion guitar effects. Mini tube amp, very full sound, beautiful tone.

Real Tube Distortion guitar pedal with 12AX7 / ECC83. Firs, test version.

Real tube distortion effect pedal

With 12AX7 tube distortion pedal made.

We tried a lot of testing, but so far under the tube 12AX7 liked the best.It has had it 12AU7, ECC83, ECC82 too. Interesting how many tube amplifier use these pipes. The following are the Russian pipes, tubes NOS has some very curious about how we are all about. The results, of course, then we report.Other manufacturers using different sound tube can be obtained. Currently, it operates Electro Harmonix tubes. All Alpha-made high-quality potentiometer, the 1% tolerance resistors are selected. The Elna and Wima capacitors (Silmic) brand. All this hand-assembled to the excellent sound!

In this picture you can see the overdrive version:

Real Tube Overdrive, first, prototype version, with 12AX7 tube.

Real Tube Overdrive

Properties :

– H & G Custom sound.
– Reliable operation, easy management.
– Excellent price / performance ratio.
– True Bypass switching technology.
– The effects are going through signs and tubes
– 12V DC power supply (center negative). BOSS style connector
– Clean the outside.
– Metal chassis cover.
– High quality components
– Hand built and tested

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