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Tube overdrive effect



A lot of effects pedals has been prepared, including the famous Tube Screamer to mimic the old natural distortion of a tube amplifier. These pedals operate a semiconductor basis, more – less successfully mimic this sound. I did this and I use it with great joy:

real tube overdrive

Test version

Recently truly begin to appear on the tube using effects pedals and effects. They can be pure tube or solid-state and tube solutions such as: BK Butler’s , Baja. ┬áHere you develop a hybrid solution. If you play clean or solid-state amplifier channel then this could be a good solution.

The circuit:

In this circuit, the sound of a BC547 transistors and diodes can be varied by cutting do it, and then strengthen a ECC82 (12AU7) . It is important to understand here that the tubes running voltage is lower than intended. This will give a nice warm tone real tube sound. The diode cuts the JP1 jumper to switch. I 1N914 and 1N4148 diodes are. But you can try other diode pairs vary in different types.

The circuit is not complicated but her voice is very nice:


tube overdrive schematic

Real tube overdrive schematic

Beautiful fashionable blue LED lighting:

Real tube1

Test panel

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