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Metal Simplex Fuzz with 2n3904

Recently I found this interesting distortion fuzz circuit with 2n3904 transistors. The Howie’s Metal Simplex. I immediately liked, to build and testing. This is a silicon fuzz circuit. Interesting solution uses LED signal cut, although similar topology as old Fuzz Face.

This is a silicon fuzz circuit. A similar fuzz face. The Howie's Metal Simplex fuzz - distortion. Used two 2n3904
Metal Simplex Fuzz circuit

2n3904 options

His voice scratchy and less powerful. more transistors worth a try. Circuit build it is of two transistors, cutting red 3mm LED. It is important that the transistors to be selected!

Q1: 220-250 hfe

Q2: 170-180 hfe

Red LED forward voltage: 1,6V

Transistor datashet


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