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LM386 Overdrive Effect

LM386 overdrive: easy, cheap, and fast to make. This is known and popular audio amplifier circuit with a fairly simple but good sounding overdrive guitar effect. Neither the operation of the complex.

LM386 Overdrive Guitar Effect
LM386 Based overdrive guitar effect

BS170 mosfet guitar signal to the already worsened. the R8 potentiometer regulates the amount of signal to the 386. If you have more than that the chip can handle, then the signal will be distorted. That is, the overdrive. So it is quite dry and rough sound. And of course it’s good for us. Listen to:


Peppermill guitar overdrive

We like to test the effects of different circuits, in addition to its own development. So we found a simple, few parts built in guitar Overdrive circuit. The first stage is a 2N7000 or BS170 MOSFET, J201 JFET the second circuit. The J201 Drain voltage is 4.5V. The R9 potentiometer to adjust. Variations may be a little higher voltage softer, low voltage rought the voice.

Peppermill guitar overdrive schematic. Remind one driven guitar amp. With J201 JFET and 2N7000 MOSFET.
Peppermill guitar overdrive

Some portions of the circuit is different from the original. Example C1, C2, C3 capacitor value. But that does not noticeably affect the sound.

For more information, please visit the original site:

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Valve Caster tube effect

Matsumin wrote in his drawings Valve Caster 2007, the goal was to create a real tube boost / overdrive pedal that can run on a single 9-volt battery. It worked! Unfortunately defecate 9V battery snap. Valvecaster run well in a 9 or 12-volt power supply. 12V will give you more headroom and cleaner sound. It is designed with single coil pickups. A 12AU7 is particularly suited to this, by virtue of being virtually identical to a 12AU7 which was designed to be used at low voltages in old car radio circuits. Indeed some sources say that there isn’t really a difference between the two types and that 12AU7s are just selected 12AU7s that have tested well at low voltages.
This circuit is a good example of the low voltage art!

Valve Caster tube effect circuit

Matsumin Valvecaster circuit
Matsumin Valve Caster

This one is a pretty popular now overdrive the real tube. Very nice real tube amplifier has a voice, booster little overdrive sound. Many people rely on this effect. The circuit is quite simple, and best of all the ECC82 or 12AU7 tube operating voltage of 9-12. So many people are doing it from the circuit custom guitar pedal. It has a place among boutique guitar pedals. few circuit modifications everyone can find their sound.

The design tube made with the point-to-point wiring. TONE potentiometer and capacitor (R6, C4) is a passive filter. The device structure is simple, the ECC82 dual triode circuit of the soul. This tube is designed to drive the tube is thus relatively little strengthening. but larger current running as the rest of the series (ECC83, ECC81, ECC85), and this is associated with low voltage. ECC82 only the electron tube may be, or of the same type, so 12AU7, 5814 etc vacuum tube. Interestingly enough ECC85 tube works well.

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Shaka HV Guitar Overdrive effect


We have built and tested in this great sounding guitar overdrive circuit.


shaka hv overdrive schematic
Shaka HV overdrive schematic


Original author’s comments:


“The shaka hv (higher voltage) is a very low to medium overdrive pedal. This pedal can give you very good clean
boost as well as very low to medium overdrive. To get 18 volts from two batteries, connect the negative of a battery
clip to the positive of the other battery clip. Now use the two remaining leads as usual wich will give you 18 volts.
All caps are film type except the electrolytics. Be sure to use at capacitors that can handle at least 18 volts rating.
The FET is a J201 and the op amp is a TI RC4558 dual op amp. You can use a TL071 single op amp as well. This circuit
uses various snippets from Jack Orman who has don great work with Fets in distortion circuits.
Note: You can also put a capacitor 10uF to 47uF in value from 18V to ground.”


Review the overdrive effect

We test op amp and dual use JRC4558 and Fairchild FET J201. The circuit is the same as Klon Centaur, it also uses a high voltage (18V) sound production.

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