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10 +1 Guitar pedal effect that is present in a Rock Concert

1 Basic chromatic tuner, it is sure to be. If you do not want to misrepresent your favorite songs play.

2 Of the noise-canceling, verily, it happens that the environment is so noisy that the guitar voice is not exactly play lyrical melodies.

3 Ibanez tube screamer basic series and its clones, bigmuff, Overdrive and Distortion (usually Boss) and Fuzz.

4 Echo, reverb, effects, these never enough to be a soft melody than for dramatic effect or even be stronger crushing.

5 Phase shifter, roll your guitar signal, whether dizziness.

6 Expensive and exotic, such as Klone Centaur (this is what is analyzed), Landgraff, Keely and boutique / modified pedals are very expensive, interesting exterior and sound, and the original 30 to 40-year-old pedals.

7 Graphic equalizer, is essential if the guitar has not “crying” you will now!

8 Tremolo to be a titillating “surge” in music.

9 Wah, it should. foot play guitar tone, too!

10 “Do not know what it is, but it sounds good” pedal, so worn or special that can not be determined what, but the sound of “oooh I must”, of course if you ask a guitarist, “what is” not to tell, and mysteriously smiling.


Usually starting band. million crammed into effect, a plastic awful sound. Brrrrrr…The devil himself.

And what effects you use? Write it to me !

By: hgamps

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