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Guitar Noise Gate

While playing the guitar many times there is a problem that unwanted noise can appear. Hence the need for a guitar noise gate.  It happened specifically to a high-gain circuit is very sensitive to the surrounding radio signal.

Guitar noise gate circuit
Noise gate schematic

Such problems have occurred, for example, audibly heard an unfamiliar foreign radio, hum noise, from nearby PC or cell phone noise, and worst of all, an ever-present soft “ssshh” base noise. And even more significant EMI / RFI noise. I had to do something because it is very disturbing. That is why we prepared this simple but highly efficient circuit. Here it comes to the incoming guitar signal to allow only above a certain level to reach the output. This can be set with P1 potentiometer.

Guitar noise gate –¬†experience

The change was very easy to hear, Much clearer sound of the guitar. Of course, make sure that the correct setting is not noisy and do not miss a detail of the guitar tone.

Instead of transistor bc547 suitable: 2N2222, BC109.
BS170 instead of the 2N7000 (we also used this).

And finally, here is a test video:

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