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High voltage DC to DC converter

This is a simple 555-based high voltage inverter circuit. The high voltage DC to DC converter is suitable for small current (a few mA) but requiring high voltage electronics. For example Nixiu display, VFD, or a other vacuum tube circuit. We will use a tube guitar pre-amplifier.

High voltage dc to dc converter, NE555 timer ic and IRF740 mosfet based circuit.
HV DC DC converter circuit

The C3 capacitor high voltage type! Min 250V.

DC to DC converter test

They built a little deviated from the circuit. Instead there 100uH inductor, 150uH toroidal coil. UF4004 diode instead of FR107, but also meets other similar fast diode. As you can see in the picture, the 9V battery voltage of 105V voltage is converted.

High voltage dc dc converter test circuit. Run 9V battery.
HV DC DC converter test

Test results :

In                       12v               120mA

Out                    105V            1mA

This is perfect for us now a tube guitar preamp circuit.

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