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ECC83 / 12AX7 tube

In this article we take a closer look at a bit of a tube guitar amp ECC83   topic. Considering dual triode structure, which means that two of the same reinforcing element is a glass envelope closed. As will become apparent in the US or the Russian 12AX7 tube 6N2P (6Н2П) signal, which is not quite the same, but rather similar; here it is already different from the heater connection. Why is it so popular?

What is the reason that so many pre-amp amplifier? What is the difference between 12AX7 and ECC83? The answer is, among other reasons, because it is the largest pipe-raising.

VOX AC50 Guitar Amplifier

Let’s look at a well-known guitar amplifiers drawings, in our case, the VOX AC50. The signal path shown in green:

Vox AC50
Vox AC50 preamplifier

Weak electric signal outputted by the guitar in the first pipe is directly received from the grating, but is used here in a triode electron tube. From there it is a sign affixed to qualify. This is not only to strengthen the signal, but when twisting the “gain” -or “volume” knob, you can reach the well-known distortion effect. It is created to overdrive the tube, it is added to an input signal greater than what would be necessary to clean the pipe, free from distortion of the transfer signal of the guitar. Let’s say for an expensive hifi equipment were not so lucky this phenomenon, but here’s the point for us.

The amplified signal from the guitar potentiometer grid of the second tube to qualify. The sound may want to try several manufacturers in terms of pipes, although the technical parameters are the same, there are differences in the sound, but sometimes it is just that quite strongly noticeable. This is due to the slight change in any material or used in the manufacturing technique used.

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