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Germanium Fuzz Face

One of the main effects will introduce the guitar, the face fuzz. Almost “ancestor” effect, but now also very popular. The planned in 1966, I built germanium transistor version.

Germanium Fuzz Face schematic, original circuit.
Germanium Fuzz Face schematic.
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12AU7 Tube tremolo

This is a Hybrid tube tremolo circuit. It is interesting that a low frequency oscillator (LFO) in electron tube is not resolved, we do circuit transistor for low frequency.

Tube tremolo circuit
Tremolo schematic

BC547 transistors and used ECC82 or 12AU7, so the circuit operates at low voltage. Tube circuit provides classic, warm sine wave tremolo tones.

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Tube distrotion effect


Real tube guitar distortion effects. unusual solution works of 2n7000 mosfet transistor. After the transistor is like the valve amplifier, it is very nice and pleasant natural sound of this effect provides a true analog distortion, no digital, no modeling!

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Tube overdrive effect

A lot of effects pedals has been prepared, including the famous Tube Screamer to mimic the old natural distortion of a tube amplifier. These pedals operate a semiconductor basis, more – less successfully mimic this sound. I did this and I use it with great joy:

real tube overdrive
Test version

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ECC83 / 12AX7 tube

In this article we take a closer look at a bit of a tube guitar amp ECC83   topic. Considering dual triode structure, which means that two of the same reinforcing element is a glass envelope closed. As will become apparent in the US or the Russian 12AX7 tube 6N2P (6Н2П) signal, which is not quite the same, but rather similar; here it is already different from the heater connection. Why is it so popular?

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Distortion pedal makeover

We built according to the MXR Distortion Plus in the original circuit diagrams; small changes done on it: it is now silicon germanium diode to the original position. This is how such a voice:

Very harsh metallic sound, who really loves to rock and brutal sound you’re after then this is the right solution.Here is the original MXR Distortion Plus is heard in the germanium diode:

The recordings quickly assemble a circuit made of non-studio quality, we wanted to show difference.

The original wiring diagram:

This is the famous MXR distortion pedal transformation, we replaced the original diodes. Sound test!
Distortion pedal circuit
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