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PT2399 Basic delay

The well-known and used PT2399 effect chip. Sometimes it needs a basic echo effect in music. But especially on stage, concert essential supplies an echo pedal.  Here is a simple basic circuit is shown.

Easy pt2399 circuit. Basic guitar delay effect circuit. DIY guitar pedal version.
Basic guitar delay schematic

The circuit at Princeton Technology Corp. manufactures. Inexpensive, it can be used in many places.


PT2399 experience

TheBe careful not 9V or 12V as other circuits! circuit is good, and functional, but quiet. Required amplifier circuit. Because the PT2399 is CMOS technology, so it is very sensitive. Be very careful handling your chip, as CMOS devices are prone to being damaged by static electricity. And it is very sensitive to the power supply , it uses the filtered and regulated 5V supply voltage.

Be careful not 9V or 12V as other circuits!

Power supply circuit:

7805 based voltage regulator circuit. Delay effect power supply.
7805 Power supply
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