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Simple distortion effect with TL072

You need a new and simple Distortion effect? Really Simple? Look at this circuit:

Simple distortion effect circuit, few parts, real guitar distortion sound.
The simple distortion efect circuit.

Not too demanding parts. But the voice .. hmm. Indeed, only a few spare parts required. The circuit is the “soul” of the tl072 chip. It is built around the circuit. And, of course, add garnish. Well, actually distort the character of the D1 – D4 diodes is given. In this case, two 1N4148 and two 1n914 diode. cut the signal. This results in a symmetrical but powerful cut. or maybe the solution according to their own ideas, but you can choose a sound character. even the parts is not too critical. I recommend them to feel free to experiment. Perhaps trying a different opamp is that it leads to what sound will surely hear some variation. the completed circuit can also change your tone of options. Examples: tone controls

Distortion effect test

In this circuit, as shown in the drawing, two 1N914 and two 1N4148 diode cut the signal. They can feel free to vary. For example, germanium diodes will result in the rough, loud sound. Red LED to a softer tone. If the circuit is to be a pre-amplifier, the sound is stronger and develop little rougher (“boost”).

We made a test video that is pretty much what’s voice:

Update 2019 May: not tested version.

Update 2019 July:

New simple guitar distortion shematic
Simple guitar distortion – new version


The distortion is well controlled with the guitar volume potentiometer.

For example: Guitar volume pot 10 – effect gain 10 = rough distortion.
Guitar volume pot 1-3 – effect gain 8-10 = softer distortion etc. etc…

But it’s different for every guitar, it’s worth experimenting with.

New test video:

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