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Tone stack circuits

This is a tone collection of circuit, the most popular and most used circuits and offers some less well-known.

Simple  circuit, perhaps the most simple  control circuit. Only two members. This uses the Valvecaster effect.

Simple tone regulating circuit.
Simple regulating circuit

The Baxandall circuit. Butterfly-shaped curve.

Baxandall equalizer circuit.
Baxandall stack

The very famous Big Muff circuit.

The famous Big Muff equalizer circuit. BigMuff stack.
Big Muff EQ
Fender equalizer circuit.
Marshall equalizer circuit.

Yes, yes, well you see. the Fender and Marshall the same circuit, only the parts value of the change.

The Tube Scremer (TS9) active equalizer circuit.

And the famous Vox AC series two-button control circuit:

Vox two-button control. AC30, AC series.
Moonlight tone stack
Stephen Delft’s Moonlight tone stack
Tone calculator program

This is a very good utility, the most popular control circuits:

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