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Transfuzzion: Silicon Fuzz Face and the ECC83/12AX7 tube preamp.


Once again an interesting circuit. Okay, to combine it with a tube preamp and a fuzz faceWhat happens if a small powerful tube amplifier, and combined with the classic fuzz effect? What kind of sound will be the result?

Transfuzzion, one 12AX7 tube and silicon fuzz face.
Transfuzzion schematic



The Preamplifier

The first stage is a simple tube preamp. Small performance. The drawing is included in the name of the 12AX7 tube. We is used in the prototype ECC83 tube. This can be heard in the video. Difference between the two is minimal, only in America the name 12AX7 and in Europe the name of the ECC83. The gain potentiometer to adjust the R11. In the C3 capacitor make treble lifting. Optional component, can be omitted or set to small.

The Fuzz Face

Well, maybe you don’t really need to introduce you to this effect. One of the most famous early guitar effects. Thanks to Jimi Hendrix, that made it popular

The circuit followed by the old layout, but quite a lot of difference. For example, the R9,it controls the supply voltage on the 2n3906 transistor. The effect is to remove, reducing the higher tones.

And now let’s:

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