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Tube distrotion effect


Real tube guitar distortion effects. unusual solution works of 2n7000 mosfet transistor. After the transistor is like the valve amplifier, it is very nice and pleasant natural sound of this effect provides a true analog distortion, no digital, no modeling!


Much clearer is distorted, and produces realistic dynamic sound. The gain potentiometer can be reached base wrapped in a nice clean and deep with rich warm sound. The 2N7000 transistors can be replaced with the equalient type BS170, this has not yet been tested in principle, but must lead to a similar or the same sound.

Look at the drawing:

Real tube distortion guitar effect circuit.
Tube distortion schematic


Upgrade tube effects

Another option is to carry out the tube operational amplifiers. Such distortion circuit including the TL072 or JRC4558 (famous product also uses Ibanez) or diode clipping circuit built into it. The two 12AU7 a tube can be fitted. 2 or 3 way equalizer circuit would give more options.

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